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Private family style meal


Perfect for those days when you are either skipping breakfast or simply prefer to wait a little longer and have a proper meal for breakfast.

Lunch / Dinner:

You can choose your preferred cuisine style, tell us about your preferences and we will create a personalized menu for the occation.

Brunch menu options

Option 1

-Red Chilaquiles 

-Sautéed veggies 

-Plant based cheese


-Refried beans


-Herbal infusion

-Oats/Almond milk

-Natural sweeteners

Option 2

-Sourdough toast

-Mashed avocado


-Garden salad

-Sesonal fruit jam


-Herbal infusion

-Oats/Almond milk

-Natural sweeteners

Lunch / Dinner menu options


 -Tortilla soup

-Vegetables Mexican style


-Pico de gallo

-Corn tortillas & chips

-3 salsas

(molcajeteada, habanero, tatemada)

-Cucumber, cilantro & limes)


-Potato cauliflower spinach Curry

 -Basmati Jeera Rice

-Masoor Dal

 -Flat bread

 -Red onions and cucumber salad 

-Green chutney

-Beets raita


-Green/Yellow Thai curry

-Roasted green beans & garlic

-Lemongrass rice

-Mung bean noodles w/ mushrooms

-Thai salad

-Sriracha sauce

-Limes and roasted peanuts

Complimentary beverage, salsas, dressings, and toppings.


$800 MXN + IVA

per person

*minimum 6 people

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