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Take-away options
(group activities)

We design a meal to-go that is easy to transport according to the activities to be carried out. 

We also offer extras upon request such as snacks, desserts, salsas, dressings and masalas.

Packed Meals Options

Main dises:

  • Indian curry & dal/rice

  • Mexican guiso & rice/beans

  • Thai curry & rice/salad

  • Pesto mushroom sandwich

  • Hummus zucchini sandwich

  • Mushroom burrito

  • Sushi in a bowl

  • Mediterranean veggies & tabbouleh


  • Banana bread

  • Beets brownie

  • Avocado-cacao bars

  • Coconut-date bars

  • Chia pudding

  • Energy balls


  • ​Pesto

  • Salsas

  • Hummus

  • Masalas

  • Dressing

  • Tahini


Tell us about your event and we will get back to you!

*minimum buy $3,000 MXN.

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